Search & Registration

Search & Registration page allows anyone to buy both an ENS Name or a Sbuaname.

The search extends beyond the simple word search. if the searched word (e.g. alice.eth) is unavailable, users are presented with additional options.

Imagine you want to register alice.eth. Since it's a pretty common name it's most likely taken. The ENS app doesn't offer additional options to find a similar name or a subname.

With Namespace, however, if the searched word (e.g. alice.eth) is unavailable, users are presented with additional options!

If you entered "alice" in Namespace dapp, it would give you this:

These options are available Subnames of the search word (alice.eth) from the parent Names that had been listed on the Namespace platform to issue Subnames and have that word (alice) available.

This expands the registrar's functionality and opens up a lot of potential integrations. Specifically, projects and dapps that need to expanded search and registration functionality, such as Website Builders. This allows their users to immediately find and register domain name/subname for their newly created website.

On top of that, each subname comes with certain perks and benefits that the ENS Name owner of the parent Name had decided to provide to incentivize minting.

This provides an additional reason for ENS name owners to come up with creative and appropriate incentives, for their Names, and start issuing subnames!

Furthermore, the entire Search and Registration functionality can be abstracted from our platform and plugged into other projects that need it through our API (Dev Docs).


Currently, Namespace is the only Dapp that offers search and registration of available Subnames from the listed ENS names! This means that it acts as an aggregate of all ENS names and displays the ones that have available subnames that the user wants to register.

The registration process is familiar and easy to use.

Registering ENS Name

When registering your ENS Name you'll be asked:

  • The period for how long you want to register your Name.

  • The price of registration based on length.

  • The option to set it as a primary name.

Registering ENS Subname

When registering your ENS Subname you'll see a price how much it costs and since the subnames are by default unruggable, the registration length will be inherited from the parent name.

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