Namespace is made out of a couple of functional components that make up its entire product and service offer.

Search & Registration

Allows anyone to easily find and register their Web3 identity through Namespace. Additionally, through the Namespace API, Web3 products, dapps, website builders, etc. can easily implement Search and Registration functionality and access Namespace's registry of listed and ready-for-selling both ENS names and subnames.


The most powerful component of the Namespace platform. It allows anyone with an ENS name to easily customize and start selling Subnames. Users can customize the Subname minting price based on length, whitelist wallets, reserve subnames for themselves, etc. Furthermore, the Manager offers the ability to communities to token-gate who can mint Subnames based on NFT holding.

ENS Widget The widget is specifically built for less technical people who want to start selling/issuing/gifting Subnames (digital identities) from their own websites, blogs, platforms, etc. It takes 2 minutes to set everything up and integrate it into the website or a blog that will be selling Subnames.

Dev tools

Helps developers, development platforms, or any project or team that requires an identity system and wants to seamlessly integrate ENS as a naming system. Our developer tooling service aims to significantly cut down the implementation time of ENS and extend its utility and functionality to Subname management as well.

Use Cases

Explore different use cases and see how others have integrated ENS into their projects.


Full list of features and functionalities our platform offers.

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