Custom Frame

How to generate a custom frame for issuing subnames

Namespace offers the ability to generate a frame using custom images.


  1. Visit the Widgets Tab in the Namespace Account

  2. Toggle on Frames

  3. Choose Custom frame

  4. Select the listed ENS name you want to mint subnames from

  5. After selecting the name proceed to Generate and Modify the Custom frame

    1. Upload the pictures

    2. Start screen

    3. Mint Verification screen

    4. Unavailable/Error screen

    5. Finish screen

The ENS name from which you want to mint subnames first needs to be listed on the Namespace platform. To learn how to list the name, check out the Manager page.

Generate and modify custom Frames with custom images

After you select the ENS name you want to mint subnames from, you will see a form for generating custom frames and modifying the frame screens with your custom images. We allow users to upload pictures to provide a custom and personalized selling experience through their frames.

The custom frame consists of four different screens and for each, you need to upload one picture that will be placed for it:

  1. Upload the pictures

  2. Start Screen

  3. Mint verification screen

  4. Unavailable/Error screen

  5. Finish screen

1. Upload the pictures

Uploading pictures will be required for every single screen. You must upload and sign each picture you upload for security purposes. We suggest uploading ALL pictures at once and then choosing and adding them as you go through each screen.

To set a frame screen image, you can click anywhere on the frame preview. The image upload modal will open, which will allow you to upload images and set the image ratio.

The uploaded images can have a ratio of either 1:1 or 1.91:1 (since those are the ratios that the frame supports). Each step/screen can have either a 1.91:1 or a 1:1 ratio.

After images are uploaded, the modal will allow you to select an image for each of the four frame screens.

2. Start Screen

This is the first screen people will see on your Frame. It should be nicely designed and welcoming and clearly explain the frame's purpose, what it is doing, and what will people mint.

3. Mint Verification Screen

The mint verification screen is built to review the searched Subname and display it if the subname is available. Think of it as one last check to make sure you're minting the correct subname with the correct minting preferences such as pricing.

4. Unavailable/Error screen

An unavailable or Error screen will appear if the searched Subname is unavailable or already minted.

5. Finish Screen

The finish screen is the last (congratulations) screen after successfully minting a Subname. This is the opportunity to design a Congrats screen, tell them about the benefits of minting the subname, and define the next call to action for users who mint the Subname.

Important Notes

Using the "Deadline, Whitelisting, and Token-gated minting" features with Frames is not possible for now!

After you have minted a Subname, we highly encourage you to check if the Subname has been minted properly on either the Namespace or the ENS website, which are the buttons you can see on the last Frame's screen.

Last Step

After the images have been set for all the screens, click the "Complete & Save" button to save a frame and generate a frame link.

Testing before Posting!

It's very important to test your frame yourself before posting for everyone else to mint!

You can test the frame using the developer playground on Warpcast.


Good Frame designs for inspiration




If you want custom frames built, join our Discord and ping @thecap.eth.

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