Namespace Premier

Namespace is a Digital Identity management Platform that offers easy ENS Name and Subname management. Simply put, Namespace allows all ENS name owners to issue, manage, and sell Digital Identities from their ENS names effectively making every single ENS name owner a Digital Identity provider who can make money selling these Digital Identities, or issue them for free. And the best part is - anyone can do it, the only requirement is to have an ENS name.

Complementing our user-centric platform, we're also creating a standardized API + SDK solution, designed for developers and companies. Through our API+SDK, Namespace simplifies ENS integration and use, significantly cutting down the implementation time of ENS as a naming system.

Furthermore, integrating ENS through Namespace's API or SDK allows for an increased degree of customization, control, and authority over issuing ENS-based Digital Identities. With our API and SDK, anyone can easily and fairly quickly integrate ENS as a naming system into their decentralized application, game, wallet, website builders, other products that require registration services, blockchain development platforms, etc., and allow their users or customers to register Web3 native's Digital Identity.

By simplifying Digital Identity integration, issuance, and management in the blockchain space, Namespace aims to enhance adoption, reduce the risk of transaction errors, and democratize access to blockchain technology, ensuring it's user-friendly for everyone from individual users to large organizations.

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