Features List

Most important Features and Functionalities in Namespace platform

Search and Register ENS Name - anyone can search and register an ENS Name on the Namespace platform.

Search and Register ENS Subname - anyone can search and register an ENS Subname on the Namespace platform

Integrate Search and Register in your Dapp - you can use our API to integrate with and get the access to biggest available Subnames registry and allow your users to mint ENS Names or Subnames from your Dapp, game, wallet, no-code website builder or anyone else who needs Search and Registration functionality.

Sell or Gift Unruggable Subnames - the easiest way to set up and start selling Unruggable Subnames either on the Namespace platform or from your own Website.

Customize Subname Minting Price - ENS Name owners can customize the minting price for Subnames based on length and sell them for different prices.

Whitelist Wallets - ENS Name owners can whitelist certain wallets and give the ability to mint subnames for free or whitelist the wallets they want to give access to be the only ones who can mint Subnames.

Reserve some Subnames - you can set aside certain subnames that you don't want others to mint or be able to mint. Or you can immediately after reserving them set the custom minting price just for those names.

Set up a Deadline - you can set a future date and time that will serve as a deadline for how long the minting will be open. Once the deadline is reached, the minting will automatically stop.

Namespace Widget - become a Digital Identity provider and allow people to mint ENS Subnames directly from your website, platform, or blog.

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