Manager handles listing ENS Names + Subname management, customization, and issuance.

The manager is the most powerful component of the Namespace platform. It is used to List your ENS Names on our platform and Mint subnames from listed Names.

Simply put, Manager allows you to select any ENS name that you own and issue (sell, gift, donate, and soon rent) subnames. It was built with UI/UX in focus to allow anyone to easily handle the process of issuing Subnames.

The idea behind building the Manager was to provide a custom-built set of features that would allow different user groups such as Communities, Individual ENS name owners, DAOs, Bloggers, etc. to get the most value out of their Names and easily manage Subnames.

Features and Functionalities

Namespace Manager currently offers the following functionality.

1) Customize Minting Price

You can customize minting prices for Subnames based on the length and allow ENS Name owners to sell them for a different price.

Free Subnames: if no custom price rule is added and Base Price is set to 0, Subnames will be issued for free!

2) Reserved Subnames

Reserve some Subnames for yourself and disallow others to mint them.

The reserved Subnames section allows you to either:

  1. Reserve some subnames for yourself that you don't want others to mint

  2. Reserve and list for selling at a custom price

This is especially valuable for people who have good ENS names, like Last Names, and would like to keep some First Names (as Subnames) for themselves and add a special minting price for other First Names (Subnames). The same applies to DAOs, organizations, companies, etc.

Import reserved subnames via excel or csv file

Manager has an option for importing reserved subnames via Excel (.xslx) or .csv files. In both cases, the structure of a file is very simple. The sheet needs to have 2 columns. First column is the reserved subname label. Second column contains the minting price. If the price is blank or not a number, the reserved subname will be treated as "not mintable"


3) Minting Deadline

You can set a future date and time that will serve as a deadline for how long the minting will be open. Once the deadline is reached, the minting will automatically stop and people won't be able to mint Subnames anymore until you decide.

4) Whitelisting

Currently, there are two options when it comes to Whitelisting:

  1. Only whitelisted addresses can mint - whoever is whitelisted will be able to mint a Subname and everyone else won't be allowed to mint at all.

  2. Whitelisted addresses can mint for free - whoever is whitelisted will be able to mint for free and everyone else will have to pay for predefined prices set by the ENS Name owner.

5) Token-gated Minting

Token-gated listing allows ENS Name owners to token-gate who gets to mint the Subname from the listed ENS Name.

Currently, we support token-gated minting for:

  1. ERC20 tokens - anyone holding a certain number of ERC20 tokens will be able to mint a subname.

  2. ERC721 - anyone holding certain ERC721 NFT will be able to mint a subname.

  3. ERC1155 - anyone holding certain ERC1155 NFT will be able to mint a subname.

This feature is especially valuable for Communities, PFP collections, private groups, etc. who already have token-gated access of some kind, and now want to reward their users with unique and web3-native digital identity.

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